About Brand Architecture Concept

Brand architecture is foremost aspect of branding. It is a subset of branding which deal with intra brands of a major brand. The concept can be well explained with an example – a brand X becomes part of brand architecture if there exists brands A, B, C along with brand X under a major brand Z. This analogy makes it also clear that survival of brands X, A, B, C depends on Z and vice versa. But the most interesting point is that a consumer or a customer can get a glimpse of brand by knowing any one brand from the brand architecture.

There shall be no need to dwell into each brand, know their valuation and reputation and make a decision rather studying one brand for a family of brands can give a clear picture. The parent branding is often used to its sub brands in branding and no special branding technique is needed for sub brands or child brands as they are also called. Brand architecture is one of the aspects that is taken into account by an investor or consumer to evaluate its shareholder value. This method of a family of brands under brand architecture helps build relations with other brands within the architecture for better sales and gains. If one has to put a brand under scanner, the outcomes would tell the legacy of brand evolution, the progress it made, its valuation, reputation and market value.

Brand Architecture Strategies

  • While designing brand architecture, strategies of the firm needed to reflect in the way it is designed failing to do which may be a struggle to commoners to identify them with branding.
  • One of the aspects that need to be taken care of while brand architecture design is color contrast as colors have an integral role to play in graphic designs.
  • There are three kinds of brand architecture. They are branded house in which the parent brand name remains the same even with the sub brands but sub brands have a different purpose to do like Colgate.
  • The house of brands is another tier in which a house full of brands come under one umbrella brand bearing different names and meant for different purposes P&G.
  • Finally a hybrid branding is one which is merely endorsement of different brands like Volkswagen.

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