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The next striking feature of brand designing is corporate identity design. While the former speaks about brand building using visual communication the latter sets up a broader image and identity for a corporate entity which uses the same visual communication techniques. In short the corporate identity design is all about taking corporate enterprise into public for them to accept it by all means.

As it may sound heavier to take into public but graphics, branding, logo and etc. fosters in achieving this feat. Corporate identity design is a part of branding but the difference lies in the audiences who are targeted. Like branding, this yardstick also involves. Rampant usage of logo coupled with taglines and slogans but the overall essence is to take corporate enterprise to masses.

Importance of Corporate Identity Designs

  • The visual communication of graphics is all narrowed to concentrate on target group, their preferences, their tastes and what they are expecting from the entity.
  • The second important aspect is color contrasting. There are few noted colors which are associated with corporate tycoons like waving ribbon red colored is for coco cola and many more so colors contrast also helps in building corporate identity.
  • When people are put at the center and the whole strategy is defined around them, it is highly likely that they get associated with corporate affairs and thereby the products or business gets sold.
  • Finally corporate identity design is the one if it ticks these boxes – usage of stand-alone concepts in building brand, the product or corporate entity resonance with public and reputation and valuation of brand in the market. The latest sensation social media also helps immensely to build corporate identity with fewer efforts.
  • One of the most important points to remember is usage of the identity that has been garnered to use where ever possible. Customized identities, diversified identities might not be of much help is deviated from what is registered with the people.

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