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Let Your Logo Reveal Your Brand

A logo is an image or a graphical representation with a combination of symbols or emblems or special characters to bundle the business idea or strategies together for the public to make sense as to what the business or the product is for. Logos get registered with public within seconds. There is no pain involved in remembering what a logo represents if seen once. There are few logos that we see in day to day life which are with us to date.

To quote an example, the logo of Amazon – the ecommerce giant – has now been with us since we get to use it on a daily basis. The arrow that starts at ‘a’ and ends at ‘z’ in the word ‘amazon’ is an example for innovative style of brand and logo designing. This logo of Amazon means, they sell products from a to z. Logos have many uses like easily recognizable. The limited space allocated can be used to have a logo and the rest is understood. Another application of logo is that it can travel across land and sea. A logo once designed can be used in any nation or in any continent.

Language, alphabet and etc. do not make much difference with a logo. These visually attractive logos can be altered according to time but elephantine changes might be a boon to the firm itself. Slightest modifications with changing economics of business and markets, logos needed to be redesigned for the public to understand that we catch up with trends. Also, there is a conflict of logo overlapping. The recent such issue is overlapping of logo colors of Paypal and PayTM. However, there are international bodies that can guarantee copy rights and safe guard intellectual property rights.

Gain Confidence with Soft Skills

  • The core soft skill tentacles are: optimism – this attribute is largely expected from workers because a positive orientation, confidence building can make life easier of both employee and employer.
  • In this order, next most important is attitude and team work. Usually a fresher is expected to make allies with every other and swim and sink with them. For this attribute of team work, attitude of the individual is utmost important.
  • Up next is flexibility which means able to work under pressure or switch among variety of work and adjusting to new changes if any. Generally when a project is assigned or asked to monitor, one has to take a role of responsibility and accountability. If it involves working alone, then one has to hold responsible for them or if it is a team work then one is has to be responsible for the entire team.
  • Accountability is the most important factor coupled with responsibility because none tries to pull up their socks and come forward to done a role as there is a fear factor which is a foe of soft skills. The bottom line is the soft skills shall make a man out a person which means he or she can get into any role and excel exemplarily.

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