MS Office Is Must

MS Office a.k.a Microsoft Office is a package of services offered by Microsoft. This is the widest application that is made use in any business irrespective of size, revenue generation, geographical location or the purpose of the business in itself. These application services are made available on wide range of platforms like Desktop, mobile phones and MacOS. MS Office is adaptable in the sense that it can get into skin of any platform after an installation. However, windows run PCs or mobiles use MS office hugely than any other platform devices.

The various services are Microsoft word which enables a user to write anything and document it legibly. Microsoft PowerPoint enables a user to make presentations which come with image insertion, graphs, pie charts etc. and background formatting. Microsoft Excel enables a user to create spreadsheets to analyze large amounts of data in tabular form. Microsoft Access enables a user to maintain database management services. Microsoft Outlook enables a user to share private information and finally Microsoft One note helps in note making.

Basic Operations of MS Office

  • MS Office Besides these services there are online services too. All the above are mentioned are same for basic and advance but the depth of operation makes the difference.
  • The most basic services include header and footer which helps in creating titles, page numbers, signature if any, watermarks, bullet points to maintain a serial order, undo to un do a task and redo to repeat, spelling and grammar check is an inbuilt service which sorts language for the user, formatting tools like color of the text, font type and size, underlining, bold, page preview, insertion of images into power point presentations, print out options, lay outs etc.
  • In excel, few basic operations include data streamlining, mathematical, algebraic operations, rows and columns creation. Besides these basic operations include save, save as, open, edit, cut, copy etc.

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