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Web design leads to web development which is ‘also’ an integral part in the process of web strategy. As mentioned in web design, a plan to make online presence can be achieved using web development too. The web site that is under construction needs to expand business wise so the needs and goals are developed and a strategy is charted for the best satisfaction of customer or user. Web development is a watershed stage at which the web site is developed half way through into its completion. The process might differ a bit when developing web sites that are static and dynamic.

A static web site is the one which does not need a regular change in the content or structure or design. All that is need is stuffed into it during the initial stages and it is allowed to flow free. But dynamic web sites as the name suggests needed to be altercated whenever necessary. From basic web sites that perform level 1 operation to the most complex web sites which might include applications, web development plays a crucial role. Whether it is business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) or consumer to business (C2B) web engineering plays standalone from the front.

Web development also includes computer programming that is scripting language both from client side and server side. It also includes providing security features to the web site from hacks and threats. Hack means an intrusion which is a safe passage for an attack.

Web Developer Strategy

  • If network security is absent, the web site gets prone to attacks and hitherto decline in its performance and snowballs to fall down of business. One of the painstaking exercises is involved in developing a web site for an e-commerce firm.
  • This dynamic web site needs a constant updating with changes taking place in the surrounding markets and businesses. However, an efficient developer can mould himself or herself into the skin of it and make it into fruition.
  • The recent update in web development is content management systems or CMS as it is referred to, is technique which can enable a novice user or customer to alter the content of his web site even without technical knowledge.
  • With brewing businesses and rapid growth of commercialization, web development is changing forms to adjust to new challenges and embrace them to provide desired results.

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